Start Bridge

I really enjoyed my eleven years at Royal Dutch Shell. There was a lot of learning, building, and fun to be had. I loved working with extremely innovative teams that cared about their end-users and worked hard to deliver innovative software solutions. Now, it is time for me to learn some more, build some more, and have quite a bit of fun by founding a startup to address frictions and inefficiencies prevailing during the promotion and evaluation of innovations and enabling a collaborative marketplace where all innovation ecosystem stakeholders can exchange and flourish....

August 1, 2021


I have bridges on the brain.

May 23, 2021


Photography is all about the topic. I was reminded that skies and clouds can be relaxing and make one feel alive. This inspired me to share a few of my skies photos.

April 12, 2021

Miss Faline

Faline is the name of Bambi’s friend in Disney animation film. It is also the name given to our chihuahua as she vaguely resembles a deer. We love her and since I have a few photos of her, I thought I would share.

January 4, 2021

Little house on the prairie

Over Christmas, we rented a small historical farm house in Warrenton (near Round Top, Texas). Our goal was to be away from the city for a week, relax, and cook some nice meals. Our signature dish for that week was our boar stew with polenta.

December 27, 2020