About Me

Software Development Manager with over 25-year experience in scientific application development for the Oil and Gas industry. Leverages proven experience in software engineering and Agile leadership to assist organizations with developing innovative solutions and deliver value to their businesses.

Sees career as creating cosmos out of chaotic processes and interactions, which are inevitable components in multicultural and multinational environments. As a leader, consistently seeks creative ways to foster a dynamic work environment through an ideal mix of people, process and technology skills.

Contact Details

David Segonds
Houston, TX 77069


Royal Dutch Shell

Digital Product Manager July 2018 — Present

Manages a funnel of digital opportunities which add value to Shell exploration and development businesses by leveraging technologies such as machine learning

Software Development Manager July 2018 — Present

Managed software development efforts with a focus on outsourcing activities

Software Development Manager July 2018 — Present

Led software development group through an Agile transformation (see Agile 2012 paper)

Geomodeling Technology Corp.

Product Development Manager July 2008 — February 2010

Initiated Agile transformation and led software engineering practice

Paradigm Geophysical

Development Team Lead July 2005 — June 2008

Managed Houston GOCAD maintenance team of up to eight developers. GOCAD is a 3D geological modeling application. At that time, core module was over one million lines of Object-Oriented C++ code with over 4,000 classes and a Qt-based user interface. Our product line consisted of over thirty modules

Earth Decision Sciences

IT Manager November 2003 — July 2005

Led a four-person system administration team to manage 200 workstations, 20 servers, and eight sites worldwide. Responsible for the design, implementation, growth and maintenance of company IT infrastructure

Senior Software Engineer January 1999 — October 2003

Implemented different algorithms and subsystems in company flagship scientific application. Also, contributed to various startup activities such as system administration or customer training

Institut Français du Pétrole

PhD Candidate January 1996 — December 1998

Developed methods and algorithms for 3D Geomodeling software GOCAD

Elf Geosciences Research Center

Researcher September 1994 — December 1995

Researched 3D geological modeling methodologies and implemented various algorithms in C++ such as triangulated meshes decimation. Modeled geological structure of North Sea oil fields


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DUBRULE Olivier, BASIRE Christophe, BOMBARDE Sébastien, SAMSON Philippe, SEGONDS David and WONHAM J., Reservoir Geology Using 3-D Modelling Tools, SPE, 1997, SPE 38659.

SEGONDS David, DUBRULE Olivier, BIRRELL S., From seismic interpretation to 3D earth model, EAEG’96 Technical Program, 1996.


Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy, France

PhD in Geosciences

École Nationale Supérieure de Géologie, Nancy, France

Master’s degree in Geology, with minor in Computer Science